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July 12, 2008

Beautiful Swimwear

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Summer is officially here, and it is time to head to the pool or the beach.  Do you have a swimsuit?  As a beautiful plus size woman you deserve a nice suit.  Please don’t jump into the water in shorts and a t-shirt, get a suit.  You have so many choices in price and style right now, there is no excuse. 

The first thing to consider when buying swimwear is your shape.  With any piece of clothing it is important to draw attention to your assets and downplay your negatives.

  • Pear Shape:  de-emphasize your hips and thighs with skirts or boy shorts.  The Skirtini, Swimdress and tankini, were made for you.  If you would like a tank style, choose one that doesn’t cut at your thighs, high leg holes do the best job of elongating your legs. 
  • Large Bust:  you need support.  A vee-neck can be very flattering, use it to draw attention up toward your neck and face area.  
  • Small Bust, Large Hips:  keep dark colors on the bottom and light colors or prints on top.  Draw your viewers eye up toward your shoulders and beautiful face. 

There are suits out there with tummy control.  Suits that will make you look pounds lighter.   There is a suit for you.  Remember the mirror is your friend.  I mean a full length view not the over the sink view.  Try on the suit.  Look at yourself.  Does it cut anywhere?  Do you feel comfortable?     Get a new suit and enjoy the sun.   

Options by Delta Burke® Empire swimdress with knotted crisscross design       Delta Burke Tank Suit  Gottex tankini  Miraclesuit® endless love oceanus swimsuit


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