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August 10, 2008

Dewy Lips

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Dewy Lips
The Perfect Pout

Full, luscious lips are all-the-rage on red carpets and runways this season. It all begins with a healthy pout.

Lips are skin, remember. They require moisture, nourishment and exfoliation just like the rest of your face. In fact, even more so. Lips are protected by a mere three to five layers of skin cells compare to the 15 on the rest of your body. A barrier is essential, but you’ll have to be choosey. Lipsticks, balms and glosses that are petroleum-based tend to be addictive and require more and more applications to remain effective. Instead, look for products that contain essential oils, vitamins and collagen enhancers.

Tips to achieve luscious lips:

1. If you have lines above your lips, use a lipliner pencil before lipstick. That will keep your lipstick from bleeding.
2. Only use gloss on the lower lip and press lips together.
3. For longer lasting lip color, fill the lip in with pencil and add lipstick sparingly.
4. Avoid frosted lipsticks, which tend to highlight wrinkles.
5. To avoid lipstick on the teeth: After lipstick has been applied, stick your index finger in your mouth, close your lips around it and pull your finger out. Any lipstick which was inside your lips will now have been transferred to your finger.
6. Look for products that do double-duty as sun protectors.

If you’re ready to have the perfect pout you’ll find the latest innovations in cosmetics on the Spa at Home Beauty website from Soft Surroundings.


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